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I have put this project on hold due to the fact that the Script# man himself is implementing this feature. However, if you need JQuery right now in your application the ScriptSharptGenerate.cs file from the project works for most jquery methods.

Just interested in JQuery for Script# ?

Download the latest release form the source code tab, and take the "ScriptSharpGenerated.cs" file from the JQuerySharpSamples project. This contains all the jquery methods.

Project Description

Using jQuery in Script#:

Using the xml-api found at I'm generating a Script# class to enable usage of jQuery in Nikhil Kothari's Script# project(

No release, but some source code

Im getting close to some very usable code, but Im not there yet, so I have not made any releases yet, but you can download the latest changes from the "source code" tab. I hope in time this will be a fully functional jQuery library for Script#


Getting started you need to download the latest release from the source code tab, and also install Script# because the JQuerySharpSamples project depends on it.

The solution consist of the followig three projects.

JQuerySharp - Console application

JQuerySharp is the main project where I take the xml description of the jQuery api and generate Script# code for most jQuery methods. If you run the program it will generate all the code and put it into the ScriptSharpGenerated.cs.txt file. Now you can use jquery in a Script# project by copying in the file and rename it to ScriptSharpGenerated.cs.

The usage is as follows:


So, if you are use this in your web site you also need to the latest version of jQuery to your site

JQuerySharpSamples - The script# class project

How to use the generated Script# code.

PS: In this project I have added a post-build event that copies the generated javascript file into the web project

JQuerySharpWebUsage - Web project

How to use the generated javascript from the JQuerySharpSamples.

In this project I have added the jquery files and the script# files manually, because I like to have full controll over stuff.

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